Skid Loader for sale

Skid loaders, often called skid steer loaders are handy machines to have around a construction site, on a farm or in use by a landscaper. With four wheels, a rigid frame and a loader, they can be used for all kinds of activities from moving dirt, loading trucks or cleaning out barns. With the arms of the loader attached to the sides rather than out front, a skid loader can work in small, tight spaces, yet get the job done quickly and efficiently. Their handy zero-turn radius steering allows them to turn around in the same spot but stopping each wheel at the right time to achieve a 180-degree turn without having to do a three-point turn.

Apart from moving material, various attachments can be added in place of the bucket, which makes them one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to have. Snowplows, augers, backhoes, pallet forks, cement mixers and trenchers are just some of the many attachments that can turn a skid loader into another type of machine for a different use.

Of all the companies that build skid loaders, the name Bobcat is often used to describe one of these loaders. Of course Bobcat is just one brand name among others including; John Deere, Caterpillar, New Holland and Gehl to name just a few.

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